2nd Annual Hudson Valley Music Summit

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When you join us at the 2020 Hudson Valley Music Summit, you find yourself among 200+ Record Labels, Artist Managers, Booking Agents, Publicists, Journalists, and Musicians who share your desire to advance your career and bring music to fans.

We had a great time last year. The only thing was missing was you! If you see yourself as part of this group, reserve your seat now and be a part of it. Hudson Valley Music Summit. August 7, Kingston NY!

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2020 Advisory Board and Speakers

  • Doctor Dre, CEO, DoctorDre’s Fleshwound Broadcast Company
  • Lee Dannay, Head of A&R, Thirty Tigers
  • Chris Hardin, Owner, Hardin Bourke Entertainment
  • Sharon Tapper, CEO, Pivot Music Group
  • Lou Plaia, Founder, EVP Industry Relations, ReverbNation
  • Cheryl Engelhardt, Founder, CBE Music
  • Peter James, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manic Kat Records
  • Pati DeVries, Managing Director, Devious Planet Media
  • Jim Logrando, Founder, Craft Services
  • Michael Simon, President and CEO, Rumblefish/HFA
  • Josh Rabinowitz, Founder/Music Consultant, Brooklyn Music Experience
  • Leigh Henrich, Music Licensing Professional, Sweets & Pop Music
  • Thomas Valentino Esq, Valentino Law
  • Peter Shafran, Executive Producer, River Spirit Music
  • Mike Boris, Creative Director, Jaded Melody
  • Pete Mason, Promoter, PhanArt, Publisher, NYSMusic
  • Laurent Masset, Owner, Le Plan Recordings
  • David Avery, President, Powderfinger Promotions
  • Barry Heyman, Principal, Heyman Law
  • Ulf Oesterle, Founder, Aux Records
  • Geordie Gillespie, Co-Founder, Overt Music Group
  • Linda Lorence-Critelli, President, New York Chapter, GRAMMY’s
  • Alexandra Greenberg, Founder, Falcon Publicity
  • Dwayne McClary, Owner, Uplifted Consulting
  • Kevin Casini, Lawyer, Ecco Artists
  • Joe Conyers, Co-Founder, Songtrust
  • Rosemarie Tully, Attorney, Rosemarie Tully
  • Bryan Sharpe, Artist Manager, Hotep Jesus
  • Michelle Shocked, Singer Songwriter, Michelle Shocked
  • Adam Kahn, Bass Player, Manager, The Foxfires
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Featuring the Winners of Gorilla River’s Inaugural Music Video Film Festival!

Prepare to act on the latest developments you will learn over the course of 10 expert panels:

  • Industry Overview: Metrics and Trends
  • The Evolving Music Industry: Examining the Premise of What it Means to “Make It”
  • Hudson Valley Roundtable
  • Leveraging Technological Change as a Tool: The Digital Fan Relationship
  • What is the Role of a Publicist in 2020
  • Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  • The Label Experience
  • Music Video Showcase
  • Entrepreneurship: Managing Your Assets
  • Examining the Key to Longevity in a Swiftly Changing Industry
  • Branding Yourself as an Artist
  • Managing the 21st Century Musician
  • Synch Licensing Roundtable
  • Unpacking the Implications of the Music Modernization Act
  • Publishing Update