The Hudson Valley Music Summit Returns to Kingston NY

What was it that first made you dream of being a part of the music industry?  Who let you know it was possible? What was the song that showed your heart that this was your destiny? How did it make you feel? Which rock star made you swoon?

You’re part of it now. And the future is no longer imaginary – it’s in your hands. Hundreds of millions of fans across the globe depend on you to bring them the music they crave.

We are proud to announce the return of the Hudson Valley Music Summit, a full-day conference for ambitioustalented and innovative music industry professionals from the Northeast and beyond. Musicians, managers, agents, promoters, record labels, producers, publicists, and the media will share insights, strategies, and rich experiences on how to best create music and bring it to fans.

Friday, July 26, 2024

2024 Advisors

Thomas Valentino, The Counsel

Thomas Valentino, Esq. provides strategic counsel and legal advice to entertainment executives, music publishers, media and tech companies, recording artists, songwriters, producers, managers and business entities. A regular commentator on the SiriusXM morning show FEEDBACK, offering unique breakdowns of complex and controversial legal cases affecting the entertainment industry. Instructor at the Berklee College of Music on Music Publishing and Copyright.

Alexandra Greenberg, Falcon Publicity

Alexandra Greenberg is the Founder of Falcon Publicity, a full service agency that navigates the continuous shift in public, media and industry relations in music, nightlife, entertainment and cultural spaces.  Over the course of her career, Greenberg has led notable campaigns in rock, pop, rap, and electronic music spaces. From major festival launches (including Coachella’s ground-breaking early years) and specialty GRAMMY campaigns to album and single releases, she brings unparalleled experience to her clients.

Here is what people had to say about the 2019 Hudson Valley Music Summit!

“It was a great experience for me flying all the way from Nigeria to attend this summit, meeting great exec’s and connecting with the industry from a different perspective. I learned quite a few things and met great minds in the music industry, I would love to come back for more of this the next time it comes up.”

Muna Martin

FreeMe Digital

“It was great to meet inspiring music industry executives, managers, entrepreneurs and exciting artists in the Hudson Valley. I’m very much looking forward to next year’s event and continuing to engage the outstanding regional community.”

Joe Conyers

Chief Strategy Officer, Songtrust

“There is a camaraderie that is already springing up among people who attended the Hudson Valley Music Summit, because people who have a radar for exciting, new events feel a kinship with other early adopters.”

Daddy Stingray

Host, Hudson Valley Music Summit

“After the panel, I connected with several amazing and inspiring people, especially when it came to music education and advocacy, and I went home ready to take on the world and new adventures with the new connections I had made. “

Tracy Bonham Fine

Grammy Nominated Recording Artist

“I was quite impressed with the depth and breadth of the panelists and the topics of discussion. All the more so given that this was the first year of the event. It was a true summit. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for 2020…”

Dean Budnick

Editor, Relix

“What a great opportunity to meet some of the best talent – both industry and artist – the Hudson Valley offers. I made meaningful connections at the Music Summit, the kind of relationships that can really sustain a music career.”

Michelle Shocked

Singer Songwriter

“It’s heartwarming to see young musicians, that are as starry-eyed for success as I was when I started, getting solid guidance from highly respected music business experts.”

Dennis Dunaway

Founding Member, Alice Cooper Band

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