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“It was a great experience for me flying all the way from Nigeria to attend this summit, meeting great exec’s and connecting with the industry from a different perspective. I learned quite a few things and met great minds in the music industry, I would love to come back for more of this the next time it comes up.”

Muna Martin

FreeMe Digital

“It was great to meet inspiring music industry executives, managers, entrepreneurs and exciting artists in the Hudson Valley. I’m very much looking forward to next year’s event and continuing to engage the outstanding regional community.”

Joe Conyers

Chief Strategy Officer, Songtrust

“There is a camaraderie that is already springing up among people who attended the Hudson Valley Music Summit, because people who have a radar for exciting, new events feel a kinship with other early adopters.”

Daddy Stingray

Host, Hudson Valley Music Summit

“After the panel, I connected with several amazing and inspiring people, especially when it came to music education and advocacy, and I went home ready to take on the world and new adventures with the new connections I had made. “

Tracy Bonham Fine

Grammy Nominated Recording Artist

“I was quite impressed with the depth and breadth of the panelists and the topics of discussion. All the more so given that this was the first year of the event. It was a true summit. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for 2020…”

Dean Budnick

Editor, Relix

“What a great opportunity to meet some of the best talent – both industry and artist – the Hudson Valley offers. I made meaningful connections at the Music Summit, the kind of relationships that can really sustain a music career.”

Michelle Shocked

Singer Songwriter

“It’s heartwarming to see young musicians, that are as starry-eyed for success as I was when I started, getting solid guidance from highly respected music business experts.”

Dennis Dunaway

Founding Member, Alice Cooper Band

Gorilla River Conferences are premised on building professional relationships in person. Our agendas are designed to bring together a group of professionals who are facing similar challenges and looking for partners in finding solutions.

In person meetings is a critical part of our mission, and we want to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere (our tagline is “A Fun and Happy Place,” after all!) that is in compliance with state guidelines and health best practices.

To this end we have decided to postpone the 2nd Hudson Valley Music Summit until August of 2022.

We appreciate the overwhelming support for this project and aim to give you a bigger and better event next year.

Please stay tuned to this space and submit your email for updates !