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Geordie Gillespie, Co-Founder, The Overt Music Group

9:00                 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Daddy Stingray, Founder, Gorilla River

9:05                  A Look at the Hudson Valley Music Scene
There is a growing appetite for original music in the Hudson Valley and the Northeast. This session will take a look at the hot spots, media outlets, and venues where musicians can make their mark, build their fan base, and develop their craft.

  • Where are the thriving art and music scenes in the Hudson Valley and Northeast?
  • Comprehensive media coverage in the Hudson Valley
  • Describing how the music scene differs from town to town
  • Creative opportunities for performing and marketing
  • Festival and venue overview

David Hazan, Head of North America, MIDEM

Jeff Mercel, National Director of Music, O+ Festival
Mike “Ragu” Rogowski, Founder/Visionary, Mountain Sky. Percussionist, Mountain Sky Orchestra
Rick Schneider
, Host,  Up and Running, Music Director, 98.1 WKZE

9:45                21st Century Musician – Diversifying and Building a Long Career in an Ever-Changing Landscape

  • An artist’s view of the evolving role of the record label
  • Mastering the art of reinvention
  • Connecting with and rewarding a loyal audience

Alan Light, Music Journalist

Tracy Bonham, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist & Performer
Paul Hammer
, Founder, Savoir Adore
Michelle Shocked, Renowned Singer Songwriter

10:25                   Networking and Refreshment Break

Acoustic Showcase 

Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi, President, Musicians for Musicians

The Levins

11:00                     Reimagining the 21st Century Record Label
New income models and methods of engaging with a fan base demand a new look at the value proposition that defined the relationship between the artist and record label. What is the role of the label in this changing landscape?

  • Outsourcing record label service providers to allow for musicians to responsively direct their careers
  • How are established labels adapting to the current trends of technology and fan behavior that drives music consumption?
  • What are the economics of launching and running a label in 2019 and beyond?

Cherie Hu, Freelance Journalist, Billboard, Forbes, and Music Business Worldwide

Gary McDonald, VP Promotion, Strange Loop Promo, Co-Founder, North American College Chart
Frank Woodworth, Founder, Glacial Wave Music
Gandhar Savur, Partner, Savur Threadgold LLP
Laurent Masset
, Owner, Le Plan Recordings

11:40                  Touring Roundtable – Planning a Regional or National Tour
Panelists will discuss how touring has changed over the years, including planning a tour, Promotions, financing, and executing the tour; Making sure you are on top and in top shape when you reach the gig; Respecting the venue; Appearing like an out of towner to non-fans. Emphasis on building a fanbase and how a local band can make the leap to national and international touring.

  • How has touring changed over the years?
  • What do new bands need to look out for on the road?
  • Scaling your act up or down depending o the venue
  • Reaching media outlets to maximize the impact of your shows; reviews, airplay
  • Keeping the machine tuned – self care, easing intraband tensions, dealing with relationships at home.

Stephen Clair, Beacon Music Factory

Kevin Calabro
, Owner, Royal Potato Family / Calabro Music Media
Trevor Dunworth
, Manager, BSP Kingston
Mike Montrey
, Songwriter, Performing Artist, The Mike Montrey Band

 12:10                  Sit Down Banquet Lunch with Keynote Interview

Overseeing a Game-Changing Revival: Restoring the Capitol Theatre

In 2012, Port Chester’s The Capitol Theatre underwent a game-changing restoration under the guidance of entrepreneur Peter Shapiro (Brooklyn BowlLOCKN’ Festival, the “Fare Thee Well” Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary stadium shows, music magazine RelixFANS). Since then, The Capitol has hosted many of music’s most prominent performers including Bob DylanPhil LeshRingo StarrSkrillexSnoop DoggThe StrokesTom PettyWillie Nelson, and many more. The venue, which dates back to its opening in 1926, is known as “the original rock palace,” which showcased rock legends such as Black SabbathChuck BerryDavid BowieDerek and the DominosJanis JoplinPink Floyd, and The Rolling StonesPhish, and the Grateful Dead, from 1970 to the late 1990s. Peter Shapiro and Relix Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief Dean Budnick will discuss the venue’s revival and its impact on the Hudson Valley.

Dean Budnick, Editor-in-Chief, Relix Magazine
Peter Shapiro, Owner, The Capitol Theatre

Track A: Synchronization and Right Management

1:10                  Music Rights Management: Technological and Legal Innovations that Will Help You Get Paid
The labyrinthine legal framework that blankets the current music distribution market creates a sometimes confusing array of artist and songwriter royalty touch points. Managers need to be up to date on all these areas in order to ensure that their artists and songwriters get paid what is owed to them. This session will shine a light on the complex web of publishers, labels, rights organizations and distribution companies, international licensing, streaming services, live performance and other companies involved in getting the music out there.

  • What new revenue streams are created with evolving music technology?
  • How can business managers track when music is played and what artists and songwriters are owed?
  • How can technologies such as blockchain simplify the royalty tracking system and make more money available for artists and songwriters?
  • What are the technological challenges faced by music tech companies? What are the solutions of tomorrow?
  • What are the potential ramifications of the newly enacted Music Modernization Act?

Debbie Egel, Founder, E Music Entertainment

Andrew Bergman
, Chief Operating Officer, Downtown Music Publishing
Barry Heyman, Principal Attorney, Heyman Law
Michael Simon, President, Rumblefish, CEO, The Harry Fox Agency
Jessica Sobhraj
, CEO, Cosynd

1:50                  Licensing Update: Moving Beyond Commercials
The explosion of content providers in recent years has boosted music licensing from a lackluster option to a financial and promotional necessity. By examining the current state of the industry, we’ll discuss strategies that effectively target the best avenues you can take to get your music licensed in various media. What has changed in music licensing in recent years, and how can you expand your audience and be a part of this growing revenue stream?

  • Steps to keep your content relevant for future licensing opportunities
  • Important publishing and legal aspects to be familiar with (PRO affiliation, publishing companies, facts about copyright etc)
  • How to present a comprehensive licensing package
  • The risk of oversaturation and how that devalues your music as a licensing product
  • A look at how technology such as content ID creates new opportunities for artists to claim rights
  • Connecting with content providers who circumvent advertising companies
  • Writing and recording with an eye on licensing

Sharon Tapper
, CEO, Pivot Music Group

Joel Feinberg, CEO, DeWolfe Music
Leigh Henrich,
Music Licensing Professional / Synch Representation, Sweets & Pop Music
Pat Finnegan, CEO, Fliktrax

Track B:                  Putting Together the Whole Package: Visual Style, Video, and More

1:10                   Conceiving a Coherent Image for a Strong Merchandising Strategy

  • Logo design, album cover, image, clothing and style – create a consistent image
  • Merch with style. Knowing your brand so you can create merch your audience will use
  • Make it visual
    • The art of photographing live performances
    • Live video basics – what can you do with your iPhone?
    • Staging band photographs – capturing the vibe and narrative

Mara Frankel, Senior Creative Director, Brand Partnerships, Atlantic Records

David Avery, President, Powderfinger Promotions
Dana John
, Senior Director of Marketing, ADA / Warner Music Group
Ulf Oesterle, Founder, Aux Records, Professor, Syracuse University Bandier Program
John Warner
, Owner, Hi-Line Merchandising

1:50                 Managing the Digital Fan Relationship

  • Streaming, satellite radio stations, genre specific websites – where are fans listening to music?
  • Using metrics to monitor your fan preferences
  • Maximizing your relationship with curators, radio and playlist DJs, festival bookers – what influencers are engaged with your audience and how do you work with them?
  • Utilizing crowd funding as proof of concept for new projects
  • How are peripheral companies (Amazon, Etsy, etc) pushing the envelope with customer engagement?
  • Moving beyond the mechanical basics of social media with an eye on advanced engagement
  • Maintaining connections beyond the current social media regime (which will transform soon!)

Russ Crupnick, Managing Director, MusicWatch

Alexandra Greenberg, Vice President, MSOPR
Dick Huey
, Head of Partnerships, Jaxsta Music
Peter James
, President & CEO, Manic Kat Records
Paular Dlamini
, Founder, Thendric Music Group (South Africa)

Joint Session Continues

2:30                   Networking and Refreshment Break

Acoustic Showcase 

Michelle Shocked

3:00                  Connecting with Artists Emotionally and Creatively Throughout the Band’s Lifecycle
As a manager, it’s not enough to identify opportunities and know your artists’ strengths – you must connect with them emotionally, understand their aspirations, help them work through their fears, and most important, foster their creativity under all circumstances. Familiarity with the band lifecycle is a start, and the ability to foster that personal connection is the end game.

  • Helping artists create work in a culture of uncertainty and fear
  • Getting through to artists who are resistant to your guidance
  • Handling your own emotions and fears
  • Getting the best performance in the studio and on stage
  • Making decisions as to what material to record and what it means to their career

Roanne Mesirow, Founder & CEO, Mezz Entertainment

Eric Beall, Vice President of A&R, Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Author, Making Music Make Money & The Billboard Guide To Writing & Producing Songs That Sell
Steven Beer, Partner, Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell, & Vassalo, Author, Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide from Start to Stardom
Thomas Joseph Valentino
, Entertainment Attorney, The Counsel PLLC

3:40                   Manager’s Roundtable

  • Re-evaluating the manager’s evolving role
  • Recognizing the different types of manager – creative, financial
  • Judging your creative relationship with your manager
  • Assessing a manager’s network and connections
  • Large manager versus personalized attention
  • Contracts – what is the long business relationship

Linda Lorence-Critelli, President, New York Chapter, GRAMMY’s

Kris Gruen, Singer Songwriter
Charles Newman, Music Producer, Supervisor, Manager, and Publisher, Mother West
Elizabeth Penta, President, Emcee Artist Management
Stefani Scamardo, Founder, Hard Head Management and Evil Teen Records

4:10                        Special Video Screening: Cold Cold Coffin
This Rock Cinema Short tells the story of a wealthy tycoon who discovers his young bride married him for his Estate. Heartbroken and angry, he exacts revenge by having himself cryogenically frozen in order to outlive her so she can’t get his money.

Dennis Dunaway, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee,
Founding Member, Alice Cooper Group

4:30                       Hudson Valley Music Summit Concludes

7:30                       Hudson Valley Music Summit Showcase at BSP Kingston

Hosted by:
The Mike Montrey Band

Craig Greenberg
The Foxfires


Showcase Partner, Reverb Nation