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What was it that first made you dream of being a part of the music industry?  Who let you know it was possible? What was the song that showed your heart that this was your destiny? How did it make you feel? Which rock star made you swoon?

You’re part of it now. And the future is no longer imaginary – it’s in your hands. Hundreds of millions of fans across the globe depend on you to bring them the music they crave.

We are proud to introduce the Hudson Valley Music Summit, a full-day conference for ambitioustalented and innovative music industry professionals from the Northeast and beyond. Musicians, managers, agents, promoters, record labels, producers, publicists, and the media will share insights, strategies, and rich experiences on how to best create music and bring it to fans.

Why the Hudson Valley Music Summit is the must attend event of 2019:

200+ Musicians, managers, A&R reps, agents and other experts – surround yourself with the best team out there!

40+ Leading industry professionals sharing a wealth of insights

10 panels on the most exciting opportunities for music professionals

Four catered networking sessions including:

  Continental breakfast during registration

  Two refreshment breaks with coffee and snacks

  One hour-long sit down banquet lunch

Multiple showcases throughout the conference – enjoy talent from throughout the region!

Join us at the conference and spend the weekend in the beautiful Catskill Mountains!

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Kingston is located at the foot of the majestic Catskill Mountains and right down the road from Woodstock (namesake of the legendary concert that celebrates its golden anniversary this year). Be part of an unforgettable summer – imagine the future you will build when you have the right contacts and knowledge.

Be a part of it.

Stay Tuned to the Future of Music